Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Update on my son

It's been almost 4 weeks since my son's horrible moped accident. I'm very happy to report he is doing remarkably well. He spent 4 days in ICU and another 3 days in the hospital. The first several days at home were pretty rough mentally and physically, but soon things began to work out and we adjusted.

Originally we were told it would be 4-6 weeks before they allowed him to bear any weight on his right leg because of the pelvic fractures. However, one day shy of the 3 week mark, the x-rays reveals miraculous healing and he was given the thumbs up to walk unassisted. Nobody had to tell Kyle twice! He gave up the wheelchair and the walker and began walking right away. He wouldn't even use crutches. He still has a pretty noticeable limp, but considering he was hit by a truck .. well .. at least he's walking!

He still suffers from double-vision and more recently some hearing issues. The doctors are scheduling him an appointment with a post-concussion clinic to address those issues. Hopefully those are temporary symptoms and his vision and hearing will return to normal soon.

He's back in school part time. He was spending 1/2 a day at the high school and the other 1/2 a day at the career tech center in a welding class prior to the accident. He's back at the high school but not quite ready to go back to welding class yet. Of course, *HE* thinks he is but I'm still leery. The doctors don't want him to do any heavy lifting or anything that could jar or impact his stomach. They want to give the internal organs plenty of time to heal.

Since the accident first occurred, we've learned a little bit more. For example, he actually broke 5 ribs, not 4 as we thought. I also learned that he didn't tumble end over end and land in the grass like I was first told. Instead, the impact of the truck sent him and the moped flying across the intersection. The moped hit the curb and then landed up on the grass. Kyle, however, went airborne and then his body slammed into a tree and was bounced back onto the grass several feet away from the tree. So not only did he get hit by a truck, he also slammed into a tree. Talk about bad luck!!

I've seen the moped. I've seen pictures of the truck's grill. I've seen the tree and the missing bark about 3-4' off the ground. I'm amazed he's alive! Truly, I am! I'm also amazed at the outpouring of support from all my friends in the Fox Community. I want to thank everyone for all that you did! You guys (and gals) rock!!