Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Gotcha: Workaround for Data Group bug

I've had a few people ask for suggestions on how to work around the ugly data group bug that I previously blogged about. So far, the only work around I have is not generic and has to be applied to EVERY report that uses data groups. I HATE this solution, but it's the only one I have so far.

1. Create a report variable for any data you need to show in the Data Group Header. Set the expression to the data field. (rcCustomer)

2. Create a report variable to count the number of detail lines in the data group. Set the value to 0, Reset it on the data group, and set the Calculation to Count. (rnCustCount)

3. In the Data Group Footer, force the counter to zero after the data group by entering the following in the On Exit Expression: _VFP.SetVar('rnCustCount', 0)

4. In the field object in the Data Group header, enter the following in the Print When expression: rnCustCount = 0

5. Now copy the field object, but change the reference to the data field to refer to your report variable (rcCustomer). Then change the Print When to rnCustCount > 0. Just stack this on top of the original field object.

You now have two objects in the data group header. The original one prints only the first time the data group prints. The second one prints on subsequent pages and uses the report variable instead of the data reference so it will be the right record. An added bonus to this solution is that you can add the word "Continued" in the expression that prints on subsequent pages.

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