Saturday, May 3, 2008

Problems with Code Sector - Direct Folders

Back in February, I purchased a product called Direct Folders from Code Sector based on a recommendation of a colleague. This utility is supposed to provide an easier way to manage your folders. Unfortunately, that's not what happened for me.

I'm running Vista so I made sure the product was Vista compatible before purchasing. Their website said it was. So far, so good. I bought the product and installed it. So far, so good. Then I started using it .. not so good. Apparently, it only works correctly on Vista if you're running in Admin mode .. which I'm not! The "configuration" option is not accessible without Admin rights, yet that is the option that you're supposed to use to set the tool up to work the way you want. Kinda hard to set it up if you can't run the "Config" option!

I contacted product support and they told me they were working on a version that's more compatible with Vista. OK .. I can wait a little while .. but how long is a little while. I repeatedly asked them WHEN this newer version will be available and they never replied to any of my requests. After a month I got disgusted and uninstalled this product from my machine. I then asked them for a refund, explaining the problem. Again, I have gotten no responses from them despite repeated attempts to ask for a refund.

So apparently this company only responds when you're buying the product. Anything negative and they pretend they didn't hear you! BUYER BEWARE!!!


Code Sector said...

This problem was resolved on March 27, I'm sorry I forgot to let you know. You may download Direct Folders 3.31 or make a refund request at Plimus website.

Anonymous said...

I too have been scamed by Code Sector. I posted a trouble ticket (the only way they would accept questions) for their Voice Call product while on the 30-day trial. Waited a month and never received an answer. Then I purchased the product (big mistake). Made another attempt to get my questions answered and still no reply.

I believe Code Sector is a one-man operation (namely, Jeff) with zero customer service. Very disappointed!